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Stand out from the crowd, and be original. Our HR copywriters will rewrite your vacancy within 72h, put the text in a hip jacket and optimize it for search engines and targeting.

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Rewrite your job description

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How do we proceed?

  1. Our experts start with an extensive desk research to determine which words are popular with the target group in the sector.
  2. After that, we also do a short (telephone) interview with you to find out everything about the profile you are looking for. This way we can also highlight your USP's in the vacancy.
  3. We then dive into our data and look for the best words and titles to get your vacancy to score optimally on search engines.
  4. Voilà, now our HR copywriters go all out for your vacancy(s) and turn them into almost a true poem. They do this by determining the right tone of voice and adjusting it where necessary.